Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lab 4: Trust

For this lab, we went to Target and asked people if we could use their cell phones. This lab tests people's trust of different stereotypes.  

Lab 2: Dependance Cell Phones

Lab 10: Right to Vote

Lab 14: Interview Someone different from you

What's your name?
Jack (Hayley's little brother)

How old are you?

What grade are you in?

What is the best thing about your life at the moment?
My hot girlfriend 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Playing guitar hero

What do you want to be when you are older?
Rock Star

What do you look forward to the most when you are a teenager?
Driving and blowing up stuff

What do you look forward to the most when you are an adult?
Bossing kids around

What do you think is best about your parents life?
They get to scream at me

What is your favorite thing about school?
sleeping in class

What is your favorite subject?

What is your favorite book?
Diary of a Whimpy kid 1, 2, &3

Dark Knight

TV Show?
Phineas and Ferb

Creme Brulee 

Sport, team, and player?
Hockey, Penguins, Sydney Crosby

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?

A quote by Jack Salmon:
"You got PONED baby!!!"

Facebook Lab

Social capital is largely represented in the social networking sites, like myspace and facebook. When you look at most people's facebooks, they have about 500 to 5,ooo friends. Who knows that many people and are actually friends with them!? The thing is that people constantly want to increase their socail capital, so they accept almost anyone to become a "friend" of theirs on facebook. Most people only have one or two GOOD friends, so it's a little interesting to have 80 people on your top friends list. Facebook is a good way to stay in touch with friends, especially ones that are a long distance away. But, facebook can also be a superficial way to make fast "friends" and enhance your social capital. 

Lab 20:Get Creative With Social Capital

For our project, we had people on campus lay down in front of the Pickle and spell out the word love. This demonstrates social capital because it's people working together and demonstrating social capital in its simplest form: love. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Commonweal Labs
Civis and Economics 11:20 class
Hayley Salmon
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